Event Canetta & Chez Snow Bunny

Event Canetta & Chez Snow Bunny

25 Août 2022


Wednesday 24.08.22


Canetta & Chez Snow Bunny

chez Jogging

Canetta by Luca Pronzato

The first brand of natural wine in a can, Canetta is an idea as simple as it is bold.
The co-founder, Luca Pronzato, trained as a sommelier and founder of the "We are ona" collective, a project of ephemeral restaurants.

In each can, the equivalent of a glass and a half, for 6.5 euros.

A new way of drinking, which aims to stop wasting the end of the bottle and to drink more moderately.

A pack of four cans is therefore equivalent to a bottle.

Canetta offers wines from well-known and appreciated winegrowers. At the launch, the brand marketed orange wine (produced through the maceration of white wine).

Now you can also buy white and red wine, packaged in the same container with infinitely recyclable material and ideal for preserving natural and alternative drinks.

Chez Snow Bunny

Created in 2018 by Victoria Sapet, Chez Snow Bunny is a vintage clothing boutique located in Le Marais.

You can find carefully selected second hand and high quality clothes.
Many luxury pieces are for sale in the shop: Yves Saint Laurent, Courrèges, Versace ...

Victoria Sapet also offers her own creations.

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