Sky High Farm

Sky High Farm

March 30, 2022

Born from the land and the hands that grow it, Sky High Farm makes fun and romantic clothing to raise money for the food cause.


Sky High Farm is a nonprofit organization that wants to improve access to fresh, nutritious, locally grown food while investing in long-term collaborative solutions for food security. The brand is committed to sustainable farming practices by donating 100% of the profits from food produced on the farm. It is a bridge between regenerative agriculture and food access initiatives.


Since 2011, Sky High Farm has donated over 87,000 pounds of vegetables and 50,000 pounds of protein to food banks and other food access organizations in New York State.


By purchasing their clothing, you are making an accessible and unusual commitment to Sky High Farm, the brand's sole beneficiary.


Their collections always emphasize sustainable materials and manufacturing processes: vintage, used and recycled fabrics for example, as well as environmentally friendly production technologies. Season after season, SHFWW will continue to prioritize and strengthen its commitment to these methods.


For years, Jogging has been multiplying its eco-responsible approaches through the support of agricultural actors in the region.


We have also implemented various actions in our restaurant, for example: a reduction of waste to 7L, most of which is recyclable.


At Samena, materials are second hand, found or produced on site. Always in a responsible logic.

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