Olivier Amsellem would like to thank Suicoke, Slam Jam and all the Jogging Marseille teams for enabling him to create this Japanese-themed scenography at La Cité Radieuse, and to pay tribute to Charlotte Perriand, who designed the kitchens and fittings for the residential unit. Thank you to our guests for accepting our invitation. And finally, thanks to Hotel Le Corbusier.

About Suicoke
Suicoke was established in 2006. The brand is renowned for its unique approach to design, constant challenges to creative development and use of the highest quality materials.


About Slam Jam
Founded by Luca Benini in 1989, Slam Jam was born to serve the underground long before the term streetwear existed. From its headquarters in Ferrara, far from the European fashion establishment, Slam Jam was able to hone its own unique and highly distinctive style, using art, music and clubbing as a guide to connect with tribes of like-minded people around the world, and become the first Italian importer of then-unknown brands such as Stussy. From a small warehouse in the rural suburbs of Ferrara, Slam Jam has grown over the past 30 years into a world-renowned cultural institution and quality label for clothing and products representing urban subcultures. Today, Slam Jam leverages its credibility and experience within the community to promote the style and attitudes of urban subcultures on a global scale. Beyond its distribution and retail activities, Slam Jam collaborates with brands as a global go-to-market partner, providing all levels of service, from brand direction and design to wholesale, retail and community engagement.


About Jogging
Founded in 2015, Jogging is a concept store located in downtown Marseille. It is based on a lifestyle strongly linked to the values and traditions of the South of France. Jogging distributes established designers such as Jacquemus, Coperni or JW Anderson. It also brings high visibility to a new scene of designers, such as J L ALL, Roberta Einer or Florence Tetier.
Today, Jogging is also a local and responsible grocery store, a restaurant and 2 guest houses (Samena and La cité radieuse by Le Corbusier) which also serve as artists' residences.

After the lookbook dedicated to Italian rationalist architect Terragni, Suicoke reaffirms its penchant for architecture and modernism with one-of-a-kind trip to Le Corbusier chef ouvre unité d’habitation “La Cité Radieuse” in Marseille, inviting its guests to an architectural promenade inside the most well-known brutalist building. A key moment of the experience is the unveiling of an installation designed by Jogging founder Olivier Amsellem comprised of Suicoke SS23 styles and design classics born out of the collaboration between Le Corbusier, Charlotte Perriand and Jean Prouvé.


Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site, the “Cité Radieuse” designed by Le Corbusier is a unique architectural concept playing with lights, perspectives, and colours, reflecting above all Le Corbusier’s desire to offer daily comfort and well-being to the residents. “The first manifestation of an environment suited to modern life” as the architect himself once described his work, created with the aim to “provide with silence and solitude before the sun, space and greenery, a dwelling which will be the perfect receptacle for the family”, and to “set up, in God’s good nature, under the sky and in the sun, a magisterial work of architecture, the product of rigour, grandeur, nobility, happiness and elegance”. Completed in 1952 in Marseille, the building took Le Corbusier’s most famous quote –
that a house is “a machine for living in” – and applied it to an entire community, resulting in “a self-contained concrete vessel structured like an ocean liner.” (Dezeen).


The modernist architectural experience is conceived and powered by Marseille’s concept store and partner Jogging. Founded in 2013 by Olivier Amsellem it has now become an institution in Marseille, offering a selection in a women’s and a men’s space, but also opening to all the arts. In the world of Retail Jogging installed a modern vision by relying on emerging brands and designers. Every day they try to reinvent a new business, with a nice Mediterranean identity and image. An installation designed by Jogging founder Olivier Amsellem comprised of Suicoke SS23 styles and design classics born out of the collaboration between Le Corbusier, Charlotte Perriand and Jean Prouvé, will be unveiled during an exclusive dinner at the Cité Radieuse and will be showcased in the Jogging store window. The encounter between Le Corbusier’s oeuvre, the jogging store and a design brand represents the first episode of a format, conceived by Olivier Amsellem, which aims to celebrate the artistic history of the city and sheds new light on the oeuvre of the architect. The experience, powered by Slam Jam the European distributor and partner of Suicoke, represents Slam Jam’s ongoing mission to champion subcultural creativity and attitudes through the creation of products, experiences and environments that bring together the community and create new possibilities for self-expression.

All of Olivier Amsellem’s work / creative and photographic research are based on the fundamentals of poverty as art. Whether it is the abandonment as a fatality at the Reattu Museum in Arles, (under the direction of Christian Lacroix in 2010)or an exhibition on “the poetics of the edge” at the Abbey of Montmajour in 2012, Olivier (cofounder of Jogging since 2015), is passionate about doing without “resources”: “what requires a poor and slow reflection has for result a poor and essential artwork”. Says the artist. This practice has been experimented with several times whether in the store, Jogging Samena (an artist residency) and in the soon to be opened 1993 art gallery. It was born out of the legacy and imprint that the great functionalists of the middle of the last century have left on our society as an act of resistance and an unwavering commitment to modern thinking. The greatest, Charlotte Perriand, Jean Prouvé and Pierre Jeanneret, have worked their genius with the architect Le Corbusier in 1958 for the construction of the Cité Radieuse in Marseille. If Jean Prouvé was involved in emergency architecture, if Pierre Jeanneret built Chandigarh, Charlotte Perriand felt close to Asian culture for a long time, after numerous trips to Japan. These experiences have shaped and refocused her work on the minimalist, and most often from wood. It is on this basis that Olivier Amsellem has imagined benches and tables of great purity for the Suicoke event, not forgetting to pay tribute to the very birth of this material by installing young trees. The art of the Living facing functionality.

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